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Rockies take 2 of 3 each from Brewers, Padres, head to Pittsburgh over .500

By Jason Ackerman

The Rockies season started pretty rough, we all know that. A 4-5 start in the first 9 games, marked by inconsistent pitching and sloppy defense, left the fans feeling like a long, cold summer was ahead. But after a couple series showing significant improvement, it seems as if the 2012 version of the Rockies squad is starting to settle in and is looking increasingly more comfortable in its own skin.

Rockies start quick, falter in opening series against Houston

By Jason Ackerman

Opening Day is the most optimistic of all days of the year. It’s a time to take the pessimism that you spend years cultivating and put it aside, to take the detailed analysis and statistics and put them all on the shelf and revel in the equality of every team being 0-0. That feeling only lasts until you lose your first game, of course – and for the Rockies, it lasted precisely two days.