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Elway still a gunslinger as VP: shuns protégé Tebow to win now

By Ian Cerveny

Tim Tebow will head wherever the wind takes him to continue his rise through the NFL. Like John Elway before him, Tebow has a lot of fine-tuning to do. Unlike Elway, Tim Tebow will not be a Denver Bronco when he finally hits his stride.

Why Saints, Gregg Williams deserve harshest punishment

By Ian Cerveny

Gregg Williams should get the boot from the NFL permanently, and he should get the strong arm of the law right to his larynx. Just as Williams instructed his players to put their forearms into Brett Favre’s neck during the 2009 NFC Championship Game, so too should be his football fate.

Super Bowl XLV Recap

By Preston Underwood

Aaron Rodgers will never break Brett Favre’s passing records or challenge his consecutive starts streak, and will certainly never erase him from the memory of the Packer faithful. But he doesn’t need to.

Merry Christmas Brett Favre

By Ian Cerveny

That buzzing you hear is the gnat-like workings of an overbearing sports media lodged in your brain. The little drones are telling you that Favre has harmed his legacy. That Brett is somehow less because he played more.

Jerome V’s 2009 NFL Awards

By Ian Cerveny

There is a brief moment after all the 7-layer dip has been mauled, the dead soldiers cleared, and the celebratory rampages have petered out into hungover walks of shame. A moment when every team, save one, is once again equal in their quest for the Lombardi, and every fan equal in their deep dread at the prospect of another long offseason filled with Mike Mayock talking out of his ass.

Donovan McNabb… meet Mike Shanahan

By Ian Cerveny

There would be a small coup in Philadelphia if McNabb, who still has elite arm strength and decent accuracy, were to defeat his former team as a Redskin twice in 2010.