Forsberg Signing with Avs

Forsberg has announced his intention to play this season

DISCLAIMER: This article is a very short piece written by an equally excited and exasperated Avs fan, through maroon-colored glasses circa 2001. I make no claims about the objectivity of this article.

The Denver Post reported at roughly 10:00 this morning that Peter Forsberg will indeed sign a contract with the Avalanche, and is going to travel with the team to Phoenix. He will likely not play in Phoenix, however, and will likely make his season debut Wednesday in Minnesota. This decision caps off a couple weeks of Forsberg practicing with the team, evaluating whether his oft-injured foot would be healthy enough to allow for playing in the NHL again.

While the feelings in Avs Nation are somewhat mixed, with many feeling his time has come and gone, there’s no denying that the Avs have lost their fire on the offensive end. Yesterday’s game against the Ducks was a carryover of a simply putrid effort against Minnesota coming off the all-star break. Goaltending has been a constant issue, and the defense can’t seem to find a groove, the most glaring problem has been the utter impotence of the offense. With only 3 shots on goal in the first period against Anaheim, something needs to bring some fire to this team, and Forsberg may be just the guy to do it. Is he “old”? Yes. Would he be the oldest player in the league? No, not by a long shot. Forsberg at his current age and skill still probably puts him in the top 50% of forwards in the league. Even if he plays only a portion of the remaining games, this team needs a shot in the arm. With apologies to Will Ferrel and Christopher Walken, the Avs have a fever, and the only prescription, is more Foppa.

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  • Ian Cerveny

    I spent a half hour last week justifying to my wife why the Avalanche won’t make the playoffs and it isn’t the worst thing in the world. Ya know, higher draft picks and the like.

    I’m not gonna let the Foppa signing give me a heaping spoonful of hope for turning around this lost season just yet, but I’m definitely open to the possibility…