Vail skier Lindsey Vonn and her shin win gold

The face of American skiing delivers gold in spite of painful injury

Hers is the most scrutinized shin in Olympic history – though her shin is hardly the most oft-mentioned body part on this American skiing champion. Lindsey Vonn, who made headlines not just for her skiing but for posing in the Sports Illustrated annual swimsuit issue (Link Here: – you’re welcome), entered the Olympics with her participation in doubt due to a training accident earlier in the month.

Thanks to some fortunate weather delays, her deep bruise healed enough for her to become the first American woman to win the downhill gold, besting teammate Julie Mancuso to land the top spot on the podium. The gold medal put aside the “Anna Kournikova” comparisons – this time the bombshell delivered, and did so in impressive fashion, posting a margin of victory in excess of 1/2 second, the largest such margin in an Olympic downhill race in 16 years.

Vonn cut her teeth on the slopes right here in Colorado, learning to ski at Vail and other top slopes in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

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  • Ian Cerveny

    Pretty lady… and she could crush rocks with those thighs. It’s good to see Colorado well-represented in the Winter Olympics; both in a sporting sense and a, “Damn, baby!” sense.